Five Good Reasons to Complete the Future Purchasing Category Management Survey


It is getting to crunch time. If you want to participate in the Future Purchasing Category Management study, you need to do that now, as the cut-off date for responses is early September. (Good heavens, is it that time already)?!

Here are five reasons why you should take a few minutes to participate, whether you are public or private sector, and whatever stage your organisation’s CatMan maturity is currently at.

  1. Category management is perhaps THE core business process for many procurement functions. Yet we know from previous studies and our own experience that many practitioners are not happy with how it is executed in their own organisations. In many cases, our stakeholders are even less content as they see it as a bureaucratic and user-unfriendly process. If that strikes a chord at all with you, then you need to be addressing the issues.
  1. Simply completing this survey will, I’m sure, make you think about your own category issues. Whilst it should only take you 15 minutes or so to do the survey, the questions will trigger some interesting thoughts, around your processes, skills, user engagement …
  1. You will be adding to the procurement “body of knowledge” which, we can probably all agree, is still not as strong (wide or deep) as it should be. Category management is such a fundamental principal of procurement, we need to understand what works, what doesn’t, what good practice looks like. This study provides invaluable data for the profession.
  1. You will get an early-release copy of the Future Purchasing Category Management report, based on the survey data, which this year is going to have some additional insight from us at Spend Matters. Previous reports have included a wealth of insight and guidance, not just a simple analysis of the input data, which if often the output from such surveys.
  1. Benchmark yourself against your peers; if you complete the survey, Future Purchasing will provide you with a free benchmarking of your organisation’s Category Management status compared against other organisations. (This must have a value of many thousands in terms of its value to you if you look on it as a piece of advisory or consulting work).

You can take the survey here. It won’t take long and we’re sure you will find it worthwhile.

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