Five ways procurement can work better with internal stakeholders – upcoming webinar

What do your internal stakeholders really think of your procurement function, how they interact with the people within it, the support and assistance they get from procurement, the systems they have to use within the procurement process, and the rules that govern spending?

Really? They love it? They think everything is perfect, indeed they worship the very ground on which the most junior buyer walks? Good. In that case, you don’t need to consider participating in my next webinar appearance, with Comensura, the "Neutral Vendor Managed Services" people, who provide services around provision of contingent labour to many organisations.

The webinar is in two weeks' time, on  Thursday, June 12th at 11.30 am UK time, and the title is “5 ways procurement can work better with stakeholders.

We're picking up on some of the key issues around how procurement relates to the rest of the organisation in which the function sits. We will be picking up on themes from our recent briefing paper, “Centralise or Devolve Procurement – Why Not Both?” (which you can still download free here), and looking at those issues around how procurement can work better with those internal stakeholders.

We will look at some of the more conceptual issues around how technology in particular is changing the dynamics of procurement’s relationship with other people , areas and functions within our organisations. But we will also get into some practical advice, with five clear steps you can take to get aligned with stakeholders and work positively with colleagues.

None of this means that organisations shouldn’t have strong spend governance in place of course. But even if there are rules about who can spend what, there is no doubt that procurement functions and people will have a more sustainable long term future if our internal colleagues feel that we are helping them achieve their objectives rather than providing barriers. So issues such as how we get the right balance between centralisation and freedom, or between control and flexibility, have always been key for the profession and are only getting more important.

You can register now for the webinar here – free of charge of course.

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