Fore! Webinar With Titleist – Is Your Global Risk Management Up To Par?

We’ve got a couple of weeks until our webinar with riskmethods. Keep your enterprise out of the rough: How Titleist built transparency and increased resilience into their supply chain will be taking a look at how Titleist, the golfing products firm, has addressed global risk management issues.

The central element of the webinar is the chance to hear from Jay Traficante, the Senior Director, Supply Chain for the Acushnet Company, which owns key golfing brand Titleist, as well as Footjoy.  I sprayed many of his balls (if you know what I mean) onto Ascot racecourse in the days I played the game badly on the rather quirky little golf course that was situated inside the horse-racing track.

Anyway, I’ve now seen the slides that Jay will be talking us through, and it is a really interesting story. He starts with some of the levers for the firm taking a more serious approach to supply chain risk management, but it also focuses on some past failings as well as more recent successes. So this is a “warts and all” story, a very honest picture that we think will resonate with many organisations.

He picks up on the sheer size and complexity of the risk management task in an environment where supply chains are global, and he has some interesting thoughts on tier 2 suppliers, which I admit made me think about these issues in a way I had not previously done.

As well as his session, I’ll be giving a quick overview of risk management from a procurement point of view, and using one slide that really annoys many procurement people ...  I will also lead a Q&A session with Jay – you will have the chance to put your questions to him.

Finally, Rolf Zimmer, one of riskmethods founders will take a few  minutes to explain his strategic perspective on the issue; I met him last week at ProcureCon for the first time and he’s very passionate as well as knowledgeable about risk management (in a good way I mean!)

I’m sure it will be a useful, interesting and stimulating 45 minutes, so do sign up now for December 1st at 4pm (UK time), 5pm (Western Europe), 11am US East Coast … etc. You can register here (free of charge of course) for what should be an enjoyable and useful session.

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