Free webinar on September 30th – making a “cradle to grave” procurement contribution

Procurement alignment with and connection to “the business” is obviously a critical success factor for the profession, functions and us as individuals within procurement.

But it is one of those things that are easy to talk about and much harder to achieve. That is particularly the case if we set the challenge that procurement should be involved from the very first stages of the business process that the procurement is supporting, to the very end. So involvement could (and should) start from the initial new product idea, or the dawning realisation that there is a purchasing requirement, and then play a role through the core “procurement” phase to contract management and finally closure or disposal.

So, how can we position procurement to make that “cradle to grave” contribution? That’s the question we’re going to try and answer with a forthcoming webinar on September 30th at 12 noon UK time, 1pm in most of western Europe. I’m speaking and facilitating, and I’m delighted to be joined by Paul Flamend, Global Advanced Sourcing manager for FEI in the Netherlands.

FEI are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of microscopes and other high-tech related equipment, and it is clear that their suppliers play a vital role in keeping the firm at the leading edge of their industry. Paul will be talking about the approach his firm has taken, with procurement involved from that very first phase when new products may be no more than bright ideas, right through the conventional procurement cycle to what they call “value engineering” – driving out further benefits throughout the contract management phase.

I’m looking forward to hearing about his experience, and I will add some more general ideas and recommendations around the procurement processes, skills and tools you need to make such an approach work. We'll make sure there is time for some Q & A too.

The event is sponsored by spend management software firm Zycus, and you can register free of charge here. Invest 45 minutes of your time and I'm sure you will get some ideas about how to improve the way you engage in your organisation.



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