The Future of Procurement – your homework for a Bank Holiday

Another Bank Holiday for most of our readers ! Oh joy. I just want some rain for my vegetables...

Anyway, if you're at a loose end, here's a bit of preparatory work you can do ahead of your onerous task as a reader of Spend Matters. Read this report, "Vision 2020", put together and published by the lovely people at Ariba.

It's all about the future of procurement, and it is truly thought provoking and stimulating, even if I'm not sure it's all drawn together quite as tightly as it might have been. Perhaps that's inevitable given it is a compilation of views from a number of people. But I don't want to sound negative; it is very much worth reading, and we're going to be coming back to it in a series of posts over the next few weeks as we look at the predictions made.

But like all many futurology predictions of the past, will we all end up disappointed - after all, the future never turns out quite as we expect or hope. My Mother (strangely perhaps) always looked forward to the day when we could get all our daily food requirements from a single pill.  That's what Tomorrow's World told us in about 1969, I seem to remember.  So will the world of beautifully integrated supply networks also prove to be a chimera? After all, we were promised jetpacks..

(And that's a rather dubious and convoluted excuse to feature a rather wonderful Scottish indie band I'd heard of, but never really listened to till yesterday).

If you're now in the mood for music.. only three weeks to my most awaited release of the year from the amazing Bon Iver, whose last was probably one of my three top albums of the last 10 years. And the first track, Calgary, sounds pretty d**m good.


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