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The story of how category management was taken as a concept from the world of grocery retailing and transplanted into the procurement world is a fascinating one, and too lengthy a tale for us today. But "CatMan" is now the predominant procurement methodology used in organisations around the world. Even the government sector has picked up on it in recent years and is adopting the principles pioneered by major blue-chip firms in the pharma, consumer goods and automotive sectors.

Pretty much every consulting firm has its own process and tool-kit too. Whether it is seven steps, nine steps or seventeen sub-processes, there is plenty of advice from those who will tell you how to implement CatMan successfully. But there is less in the way of hard evidence-driven thinking and research that can bring objectivity to the questions around how organisations can succeed with CatMan. That's why the Future Purchasing Category Management survey is so valuable.

Future Purchasing (as many readers will know already) is a  specialist consulting firm who punch way above their weight in the CatMan field. They are genuine thought leaders in that area; there's a lot of great information and knowledge, articles and practical guide included, freely available on their website too, if you’re interested.

The international survey is the biggest in the world of its kind, and it is now entering its third iteration. Previous results have provided real insight into what makes the best performers in terms of CatMan into leaders. As the firm says, the survey aims to look at:

  • Identifying and quantifying the value delivered by Category Management
  • Understanding the different approaches to Category Management design and implementation across organisations
  • Identifying the resources needed to deliver value through Category Management
  • Assessing which Category Management practices have most impact on Procurement performance

The survey looks at areas such as skills and capability; process; technology; and stakeholder involvement. Perhaps the most valuable output for participants is that results and analysis identify the differentiating factors driving success and tangible results from effective category management. Those benefits include savings, but also stakeholder buy-in, better supplier relationships and innovation from the supply market.

If you complete the survey - which should take you around 15 minutes - you will receive a copy of the results and a benchmarking analysis of how your organisation compares against the norm from all the responses. There's also the chance to win the latest iPad if you respond before the end of July. You will also be contributing to the procurement "body of knowledge" - a worthy cause in itself, we think!

You can click on this link to take the survey – please do consider contributing to the study.


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