Future Purchasing Category Management Survey – Please Participate!

This year, we’re assisting consulting firm Future Purchasing with their excellent Category Management survey. This is their third iteration of the survey. In the last, over 300 people from 40 countries took part and the results identified the specific practices used by the best performing global leaders in Category Management.  And “this time we have made it even quicker to complete (15 minutes) and more focused and insightful for practitioners with the objective of helping them to drive Category Management Improvement”.

The survey questions are designed around the five Future Purchasing "building blocks" or pillars of Category Management: Build, Learn, Lead, Apply and Deliver.  Future Purchasing defines those five pillars carefully, for instance:

Build is the physical design, creation and continuous improvement of a practical category management process and tool kit.

Learn is strengthening the technical and behavioural Category Management skills for procurement teams and their business partners.

Lead is the agreed governance and operating model approach that embeds Category Management.

Apply is the practical running of a Category Management programme.

Deliver is the end results produced by the Category Management activities and assessed through a range of metrics.

On that "learn" note, it's interesting to note that in the last survey, only 27% of respondents rated their CatMan training as "excellent". There were some other fairly shocking findings too. Only 35% said that they have clear roles and responsibilities for category managers and stakeholders within the process, for instance. Quite rightly, there is a strong focus on stakeholders in the survey as well as areas such as process and skills.

So if you contribute, as well as helping your own organisation, you will be helping the procurement profession to move forwards in terms of:

  • Identifying and quantifying the value delivered by Category Management
  • Understanding the different approaches to Category Management design and implementation across organisations
  • Identifying the resources needed to deliver value through Category Management
  • Assessing which Category Management practices have most impact on Procurement performance

When you complete the survey, you will receive a copy of the results and a benchmarking analysis of how your organisation compares against the norm from all the responses. There's also the chance to win the latest iPad if you respond before the end of July. You will also be contributing to the procurement "body of knowledge" - a worthy cause in itself, we think!

You can click on this link to take the survey – and please do consider joining hundreds of your forward-thinking peers in contributing to the study.

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