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Future Purchasing are one of the few consulting firms in our industry who reliably and regularly produce “intellectual property” that is interesting, useful and original. Their website is a store of excellent  material, and Jon Hughes, their Chairman was (along with Prof. Marc Day) the man behind the report on public sector procurement that we featured extensively last year.

Future Purchasing’s two principle areas of expertise and experience are probably Category Management and Supplier Relationship Management. They’re now planning a new piece of work on the former. Their objectives are:

  • Identify and quantify the level of value delivered from Category Management
  • Understand the specific approaches and practices used to design, educate and implement Category Management
  • Identify the resources required to deliver significant Category Management value
  • Assess similarities and differences in the approaches to and benefits realised through Category Management across sectors

In order to gather data for their study, they’re  looking for organisations to complete a survey. In return, participants will receive a free copy of the final report. I know there are always lots of people running surveys, but in this case I’m confident that that analysis Future Purchasing carry out will make it worthwhile for participants in terms of an insightful final report. And we look forward to featuring the results and conclusions here.

Here is the message from the FP team:

"We would be very grateful if you could spare 20 minutes of your busy schedule to complete the survey. We will of course send you the report into our findings when they are completed. Your input would be gratefully received.  In addition, there are a couple of additional qualitative questions which would also further enhance our understanding of the state of category management:

a) In your experience, what has been the most difficult aspect of implementing Category Management in your organisation?

b) What is the most important factor for successful category management delivery?

Here is a link to our category management survey  https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/YCTPJXT

I look forward to your reply and the completed survey. Please feel free to forward the survey onto your colleagues and others in your network who may be interested".

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