Game-changer from Google – Google Motion

This could be revolutionary... takes Wi-fit to a whole new level!

Read about it here and make sure you have a look at GoogleDocs Motion, spreadsheets etc as well here (the Pie-chart is genius) ...!!

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  1. Alun:

    We love the way Google just continue to evolve. We are a really big fan of their business model and already use many of their tools. We are thinking of integrating some of their technology in our applications and this only add to the possibilities. Great stuff!

  2. Jonathan Betts:

    Very good – this will no doubt spark a bunch of procurement technology development. P2P Motion – thumbs up to approve a PO; punch the screen to reject an invoice, etc.

    LinkedIn also seem to be in on the act today by the way – had recommendations to connect with Albert Einstein and Werner Heisenberg

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