Gartner buys AMR, Spend Matters makes me laugh

You may have heard about the proposed takeover of AMR by Gartner, merging two of the largest providers of data and information about the IT and related markets.

Many procurement people will have used their reports or attended conferences.  What does this mean if you are a customer; or indeed, if you are in the IT industry and are covered by their research and pronouncements on your firm?

Well...rather than me telling you, let me refer you to Spend Matters .  They are far more au fait with the analyst industry than me, and this piece is brilliant.  But please note, it is satirical in intent and style, although I suspect there is more than a grain of truth in it.

Certainly, if you currently buy from both AMR and Gartner, this may be an opportunity to save some money; although if it leads to less competition in that market, that may be less good news in the longer term.   And if you rely on any advisory or consulting firm to help you make major procurement decisions, always ask them whether they get any revenues from the supply side.  You may be surprised by the answers.....

Peter Smith

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