Gartner eProcurement report – it’s our pick of the pops countdown!

Earlier this week we provided an overview of the Gartner eProcurement report, which covers 32 firms who provide P2P technology and rates their product against eleven criteria.  They are rated using “Harvey Bubbles” – essentially a 0-4 scoring system.

This gives a whole page of the “bubbles” and Gartner don’t do an overall assessment. However, in the interests of our readers, we’ve done that, taking the 0-4 basis and adding up the scores across the 11 evaluation areas. On that basis, the top 10 (and tied tenth) looks like this.

1 =          Coupa,  Periscope Holdings

3 =          B-pack,   Sci-Quest,  Verian Technologies

6              GHX

7 =          Wax Digital,  Wallmedien,  Ariba 9r1

10 =        Ariba 11s,  Basware,   BirchStreet Systems,  jCatalog,  GEP

But of course, this is a simplistic analysis and “weights” all those eleven areas that Gartner considered equally.

If you’re actually looking at this for your own decision making, you really need to look carefully at what is most important for you.  So, for instance, if you’re looking to implement quickly, and get high user acceptance, you might focus on criteria such as “time to value” and “ease of use“.

If you have complex cataloguing requirements, then (not surprisingly) “Electronic Catalog” is key for you – and so on. And some firms like Paperless Business Systems end up with an average score, but that is actually made up of very high scores in certain areas (including customer satisfaction) and zero in others (“supplier integration” for example), presumably because they don’t offer certain features.

Another key point is the geographic strength, which Gartner also assess.  In the “top” handful, both Verian and Periscope are really US firms without too much presence elsewhere; B-pack have mainland Europe and US coverage but not much in the UK. So do look carefully at that factor if you want to use the Gartner report.

I’ll be back with some more personal comments on this shortly.

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