Welcome to Gatewit, eProcurement leaders from Portugal

I’m delighted to say that we have two new sponsors for Spend Matters UK/Europe.

The first to tell you about is Gatewit, and I’m very excited, as they’re certainly the first Portuguese firm to work with us in this way!

The firm was founded in Lisbon, Portugal in 1999. Originally called Construlink, and supported by the Technical University in Lisbon, they served as a eProcurement portal and provider for increasing numbers of Portuguese public and private sector organisations. That is still their heartland, and they enjoy a significant market share in eProcurement activities within their home country.

In the last couple of years, they have begun to expand in two dimensions – geographically and into a wider range of market sectors.  With the EU mandate for use of eProcurement, they are acquiring customers in the Government sector in other countries. At the same time, they are growing their private sector client base, in Europe and beyond – they already have offices in the US, Brazil and Spain and announced a major push into China and the Far East recently.

During a recent chat with Catarina Belchoir, Gatewit’s  Marketing Director, I asked her how she would describe the benefits they can offer customers.

“We have a strong suite of products – all cloud-based and user-friendly, including eSourcing and the whole range of eProcurement (transactional) capabilities, through requisitioning, catalogue management, invoicing and so on. We also have an ability to tailor to users’ needs – we have a strong development function. Alongside that we can offer considerable direct support to users, through implementation and beyond ”.

As well as the usual sourcing cycle capabilities, from notification, sourcing to auctions and contract management, an interesting aspect is an “aggregation” solution. That addresses collective procurement processes within or across different organisations – something I haven’t seen before, so I’m looking forward to seeing that in action. But back to Belchoir and her plans for Gatewit in the UK.

“We know the UK market is mature, with some very good firms already in the market, but we’ve made some first moves through attending events, and we were a sponsor of the Procurement Leaders’ Awards this year. We’re now opening a UK office and taking that investment to the next level”.

I haven’t had a detailed look at their software as yet, so we’ll report further when we’ve done that. We’re also writing a research paper, sponsored by Gatewit, on a topic I’m rather excited about, so that will be launched in the Autumn as well.

So more to come... and welcome again to Gatewit.


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