Gauthier restaurant takes the lead on the calorie ‘transparency’ agenda

Our favourite London restaurant, Gauthier, has become the first top London restaurant to put calorie counts on the menu. Is this genius or madness?

It fits with the whole mood for openness and transparency (everything from government expenditure with suppliers, to the source of our supermarket meat), and apparently it is already established practice in New York. But it's a bit scary too - their risotto, the best I've ever tasted, contains 557 calories! Do I want to know that before I make my choice? Might it put people off from going to Gauthier because they're being reminded of the impact of what they're eating? I really don't know.

Having said that, I've found that after a good lunch at Gauthier, I don't need to eat for the rest of the day - 1500 calories there are far more satisfying than the same in burger format. And as the chap on the radio clip (see link) says, you don't see too many fat people in top restaurants.

Here's the BBC radio London interview with Alexis Gauthier.

Wouldn't it be good if the same happened in McDonalds though? That might really change things...

Late news; my wife has the best idea. "Can you request a menu without calories like ladies used to get them without prices?"  I think (seriously) that is a brilliant idea.

She also says (she is a scientist), "how do they know it's 557 calories with such precision? Have they properly calculated the figures using a Bomb Calorimeter?"

And she also points out that certain diners are likely to cause a few problems when they say "can I have that but with less calories please"?!

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    Being fair and open with software prices is one thing….

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