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The bosses are on vacation here in the US, so we've obviously been making the office spotless and thinking through forward looking strategy and not at all going on rollicking pub crawls (don't look at the end of this post, there will be zero evidence of pub crawls). Anyway, some work got done, and a lot of it is around research for you, dear readers, to download. Here's a list of that good stuff:

Have you heard of Taulia? If not, you should read this immediately. They've gained $27 million in funding, which values them at 15X trailing revenue (roughly.

Jason Busch, in between traveling to Turkey and taking client meetings, takes the time to wonder: has supply chain policing gone too far?

Let's talk about Demica and their three core supply chain finance solutions, shall we?

Here is a two-fer on looking at supply chain risk like an insurance provider: Evaluating risk elements, and do business here, not there.

Finally, a glimpse of (almost) the entire Spend Matters US team in the wild, or "down the procurement pub" as Peter would say!


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