Who is going to review procurement in UK hospitals?

Here at Spend Matters Towers, we got very excited when we read the Health Minister's response to the NAO report on procurement of consumables in hospitals (which we're still reading and will review in more detail next week).  From the Guardian;

"We are therefore considering launching a review to help hospitals get better value for money from procurement, drawing on the advice of government advisers," he said.

Obviously, we got our cv straight off to Mr Lansley and volunteered to be a 'government adviser' on this.  (Although, seriously, we do know a few people who could do it really well, people who understand health procurement back to front). But if we follow the normal pattern of people appointed to lead government reviews, then there are some more likely candidates.

1. Jordan.  Successful and dynamic business woman.  Would get more publicity for a procurement review than ever before.  Lots of experience of surgery*.  Wouldn't take any b****** from any f***** procurement or finance d****ds in the hospitals.

2. Dr Fox. He's a doctor isn't he? As well as a DJ? Has a degree in Business from Bath University where he studied alongside Justin King, CEO of Sainsbury's*.

3. Now there's an idea - Justin King.  If he can turn around Sainsbury's, surely he can sort out NHS procurement ? (Actually, this isn't a bad idea at all.  Justin actually has some procurement experience.. and loads of common sense and judgement).

4. Hugh Laurie.  Has starred in over 100 episodes of 'House', spent more time using medical  equipment than most, understands disability issues....  Went to Cambridge, rowed in boat race*, plays the piano*, jolly good chap.

5.  Jacqueline Gold, chief exec of Ann Summers. Impressive business leader, her shops are the UK's largest buyers (and sellers) of nurses' uniforms...

6. Professor Green - tough life, got stabbed*, yet rose up to be a professor... (what do you mean he's not a real professor..)

7. Sir Peter Gershon.  Never been stabbed. As far as we know.

It's going to be Sir Peter, isn't it?

Well, if someone does get this task, here's the OGC Procurement Capability Review from 2008.  Useful background reading. Most of it still applies, except the creation of 'commmercial support units' made the procurement landscape even more confused. (Oh, and PASA was closed down - not a PCR recommendation).

* these interesting facts are actually true The thing about nurses uniforms isn't. Well, not as far as I know... they probably buy more than many individual Trusts though.

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