Have a good Easter weekend

We won't be blogging tomorrow (Good Friday Bank Holiday) but will be back at the weekend with the April music review and who knows what else?  And we hit a milestone this week (I've just noticed) - the 1,000th 'comment' on the blog since we started! Thanks a lot to everyone who has contributed to that....

Finally, here's 5 reasons to be cheerful, as the great Ian Dury said:

1. The job market picking up; 12% up for managers according to one report I saw

2. Major economies all over the world - China, US, Germany, India, Brazil - growing strongly

3. Procurement tools and technology getting better and more user friendly day by day

4. The most exciting finish to a UK Premiership football season ever - 12 teams could still be relegated!

5. Procurement status higer than ever in the business world

Personally, I'm hoping for some rain soon - as a vegetable grower, the current Spring drought is a nuisance. But I'll follow the majority view and wish everyone a good, sunny weekend.

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  1. Christine Morton:

    Have a lovely weekend, Peter – but I must disagree; the US economy is not “growing strongly.”

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