It’s good news week… the brighter side of procurement?

Welcome to the working week, as the great Elvis Costello once said on track 1 of the best debut album of all time.

On reflection, we tended at times last week to the negative, with Supply Management squabbles, Rolls Royce problems and currency arguments.

So this week we'll be looking on the brighter side, starting with a couple of positive news items later today, and reports through the week on interesting solution providers and thoughts on how procurement can drive value for organisations.

And on that positive note, you may remember earlier this year we discussed my football team's unlucky 7-2 defeat by Chelsea. Well, yesterday as you may know, Sunderland came to Stamford Bridge and beat the reigning champions, deservedly, 3-0.  Well done to all those plucky Wearside lads  (Nedum Onuoha, Asamoah Gyan, Boudewijn Zenden - all born within a pithead siren of Roker Park....)

And Danny Welbeck had obviously read my comment (about why on earth Manchester United had let him join Sunderland on loan), as he was brilliant and a clear man of the match.

Measuring performance is pretty easy of course if you're a football manager or team owner. It's a lot harder if you are a CPO or CFO trying to establish how well your procurement function - or individuals within it - perform.  The imperfection, (or downright dishonesty), of most savings / efficiency measurement in our profession has bothered me for a long time, and that's another theme we're going to cover, with a very interesting and innovative approach now being proposed.

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Voices (4)

  1. David Smith:

    What about:

    Led Zeppelin 1 or Roxy Music?

  2. Guy:


    Much as I love Costello, think you’d be hard pressed to beat Lloyd Cole’s Rattlesnakes as the best debut album of all time

  3. Peter Smith:

    You know, don’t think I remember that; easy to forget these matches against the lower teams in the division….

  4. David Atkinson:

    Spend Matters was remarkeably quiet a couple of weeks ago when S**derland visited St. James’ Park.

    Just saying.

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