Goodbye BravoSolution, Hello Jaggaer!


That was the message at the recent Jaggaer UK/Nordics User Group in London.

We dropped in on some of the meetings at the Royal Lancaster Hotel in London, which was well attended – over 60 people, representing key customer organisations for the procurement technology firm across public and private sector, largely from the UK but with a Nordic contingent too.

For many of the delegates, who were historically BravoSolution clients, this was their first real chance to hear more detail about the future following the Jaggaer acquisition of “their” solution provider last December.

Two senior managers who have been with Jaggaer in Europe for some time were there, including  Michael Quack, who presented on the Jaggaer Indirect P2P product.  However, clients will have to wait until the big event in Munich in June to meet the very top Jaggaer people, who didn’t make it from the US to London, mainly as this event followed hot on the heels of the firm’s huge Las Vegas event the previous week.

So back to London - delegates were given a “procurement bingo card” to complete which was fun – a good way to make sure people listen to the presentation? First person to get a line shouts “simply comprehensive spend solutions” (which is, of course, the Jaggaer USP) with a free training or consulting day for the winner.

Richard Hogg, MD for the UK and Middle East, kicked the session off and said “this is an important day for us”. He covered the history of the firm, including the various acquisitions, up to the big additions of Pool4Tool and BravoSolution in 2017, making Jaggaer one of the very largest firms in the sector. There are now over 1800 customers, 200+ in the UK and Nordics, with 1100 plus staff and over £320B annually going through the various platforms.

What do customers demand today? Hogg suggested the answers include time to value, end-to-end spend visibility, automation, analytics, great UI … and more. A key issue for providers, he said, is that customers want products that are easy to use in practice, yet also functionally rich – getting that balance right is key.

So in terms of the new product offering from Jaggaer, there are three “streams”, as it were.

Jaggaer Advantage covers the source-to-contract cycle, and is basically the product that was previously the highly-regarded BravoAdvantage suite, re-badged.

Jaggaer Indirect is based on a purchase-to-pay offering, largely aimed at indirect spend management, and based on the existing core Jaggaer platform.

Jaggaer Direct is, not surprisingly, aimed at manufacturing-type goods procurement, and comes from the Pool4Tool product heritage.

So an old BravoSolution customer, now a current user of Jaggaer Advantage, which is very strong around spend analytics, sourcing and contract management, might also be interested in either Jaggaer Direct or Indirect as their purchase-to-pay platform. Encouraging that “cross-selling” is obviously an important objective for Jaggaer, and the customer choice between those two options would depend on whether direct or indirect spend is their key focus.

Andy Mellors dug into the product in more detail after Hogg’s session, and talked about the central concept of the Jaggaer “super suite” – we’re going to hear more about that, we suspect. The logic is that buying “best of breed” software solutions is fine in theory but is actually difficult because of data silos and integration issues. But “all in one solutions” don’t fulfil every need. So Jaggaer is claiming to offer the best of both worlds – a common master data and data analytics layer across those three streams, but with different solutions for different categories, functionalities and industries.

“The result is a use-case optimized solution with high user adoption based on innovative technologies”.

Getting that message over is going to be key for the newly expanded firm. Jaggaer will need to show that integration between the different elements of the product offering is straightforward – if they can do that, then current users of the BravoSolution suite may well be persuaded to go for one of the P2P offerings, and previous Pool4Tool clients (for instance) may sign up to the strong ex-BravoSolution source-to-contract product.

Certainly, the reaction from the 3 or 4 “old BravoSolution” clients we spoke to (very casually) at the event was pretty positive, with a reasonable degree of enthusiasm for the new capabilities that are now open to them. It was also reassuring for those clients to see the same senior BravoSolution UK people around – whilst there have been departures in areas like marketing and back-office, the key UK people like Jenny Whelan, Pete Hodgkinson, Mike Roberts,  Sarah Kingdom-Evans were all very visible.

Stay tuned for part 2, when we will take a look at some of the forthcoming product enhancements, and get some comments from Richard Hogg himself.

And if you are interested in attending the Munich event, here is the link for registering.

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  1. Dan:

    It seems a bit weird to have separate systems for direct/indirect doesn’t it? That distinction is a financial one, not a procurement one, so shouldn’t have any bearing on how the procurement is carried out.

  2. Jason Busch:

    Jaggaer’s “pieces” generally range from above average to fantastic (not all, but most). But pragmatic, power-user integrations between them is much, much more complicated, especially if one is talking about pieces from Advantage / Direct (S2P integration can be kludged, but perhaps not at the level in which it would delight an S2P process owner). However, I’m optimistic for the product lines individually and the expanded go-to-market reach of Jaggaer overall. Yet I remain skeptical of the type of integration that needs to occur to create an integrated suite proposition between the products let alone true verticalization involving cross-suite integrations. There is no one at Jaggaer who has begun to articulate an Infor-like platform based master data, standards and integration vision, at least not to us. This is more like Oracle apps-unlimited + an API framework. Again, not a bad place to be, but the broader ambition is technically very complicated. Shameless plug alert. Check out if you want to begin to get into the weeds of the various pieces and see how they perform individually. And if you want to stitch them together, please reach out to us for an outside opinion and the questions to ask Jaggaer to understand if what they are proposing is sufficient to meet expected business requirements. Finally, I must say we don’t do “Direct” justice in SolutionMap. It’s unique and SolutionMap is “force fit” around it vs. the other way around like in-the-box modules and suites … we have some strong (generally quite positive) analysis and opinions of its dozen+ modules/components for manufacturers. Don’t be a stranger if you’re going through a selection or contemplating what to do next with Jaggaer: jbusch (at) spendmatters (dot) com

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