Google to be investigated by the EU – does it matter for procurement users?

Google is to be investigated by the EU for various alleged practices; as the BBC reports,

The European Commission has launched an investigation into Google after other search engines complained that the firm had abused its dominant position. The EC will examine whether the world's largest search engine penalised competing services in its results.

I suspect many, many organisations and individuals use Google as a supply-chain and procurement tool - for seeking new sources of supply, learning more about potential or existing suppliers or indeed about products or markets; and checking suppliers out in a 'quick and dirty' risk management fashion.

Nothing in this investigation is likely to suggest that we shouldn't continue to use Google in that manner or challenge the usefulness and validity of it for procurement purposes.  But you could see how, if Google did not act in an independent manner,  it could have consequences even for these uses.

So it emphasises again that when you use any business-related  information resource (hard-copy or web-based),  you should  understand the parameters under which it is produced and published.  Is it truly independent?  Are its content or views expressed dictated by its own commercial or other drivers?  Can you trust what you read and are you getting the full picture?

Keep asking those questions!

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