Gossip, rumour and tittle tattle about public sector procurement

I hear a lot of rumours doing what I do, often around people, roles and similar issues.

We often don’t feature then as we don’t want to look silly if they turn out to be false. But once you get the story triangulated by several different and largely unconnected sources – well, you start to give it some credence. That's been the situation this week with one persistent whisper doing the rounds.

So, let’s just say we believe that a big people-related story is about to break in UK public sector procurement. And if it does, coming on top of the sudden departure of Ian Watmore – the first Permanent Secretary ever to resign in order to spend more time with a vicar* – and the current furore around the commissioning / procurement argument we’ve been featuring, it suggests (if it’s true) we may be at some sort of turning point for UK public sector procurement. In the context of this Government anyway.

Unless we’re totally off-beam, we expect an announcement very soon – remember, you heard it first hear. Unless of course you’ve heard it six times already, probably in the Westminster Arms, the Speaker, the St Stephen’s Tavern, the Sanctuary, the Red Lion........

* His wife. Incidentally, we have also heard that there was a lot more to his departure than simply a desire to spend more time arranging the altar flowers...


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  2. Final Furlong:

    David Smith, Deputy CPO, is also Scottish?

  3. James Chapman:

    The only thing worse than gossip is the promise of gossip

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