Government Chief Commercial Officer – The Odds on Bill Crothers’ Replacement

As we said the other day, we think it inappropriate to review Bill Crothers' time as government CPO (then Chief Commercial Officer) whilst he is still in post, helping to recruit his successor. We will do that in time, once we are into the next stage of the story.

However, we think it is very appropriate to consider the candidates for the top job. So here is the early betting from Peter Power, The Honest On-Line Bookie You Can Trust! (Yes, of course your credit card details are safe with me ...)

100-1 David Smith The popular choice amongst procurement community, but probably enjoying topping up the tan too much to come back!
50-1 Francis Maude He's back! Would put fear of God into supply markets, knows the role, would make Perm Secs look back on Crothers reign with affection.
50-1 Colin Cram Strong advocate for centralised procurement, ignores any evidence to contrary so that's a plus ... But writes in the Guardian so that probably rules him out.
25-1 John Collington You remember John! The first government CPO, but probably enjoying current role (and share options) too much.
10-1 Sally Collier The continuity candidate, helps on diversity metrics, good with Ministers and Perm Secs, but no private sector experience.
8-1 Meryl Bushell A Crown Commercial Rep, real private sector CPO experience, credible with procurement folk, firm but fair style. Actually, not a bad idea!
11-2 Another Crown Rep Widening that out beyond Meryl... this is not a bad bet, they are known to Ministers and credible. Maybe Rob Wilmot or Phil Brookes? Both impressive I believe.
5-1 Mystery Candidate We can’t say who yet, but someone (good experience, right style) we would put money on at this point. Trust us. Just give us your money.
5-2 Big consulting firm partner Bonus points if friend of Bill and / or worked for Accenture / McKinsey / PWC (so must be good), comes with guaranteed ability to impress Ministers with strategic b*****cks.
2-1 Some retired CEO from “industry” Willing to work on promise of Knighthood, already plays tennis with some random Minister, has commercial credentials but track record not quite as good as it first looks, no clue about public sector but will go down well with FT, CBI and other stakeholders.

Watch this space!


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  1. Final Furlong:

    Woah, hold your horses! You put the cart before the horse when you came up with this list – you can’t make it up on the hoof! Surely I would have been a sure bet, and even the front-runner. I’m not the type of breed that gets taken for a ride, and when someone says jump, I don’t say how high. I’ve been chomping at the bit to take hold of the reins of this for a few years now, ever since race organisers realised the current runner was a gelding! This is about horses for courses, and supply chain management (not just procurement) is more important than ever. Look at what happened with those burgers – yes, they were low in fat, but they were high in Shergar. I don’t want to be long in the face about this, but you’re flogging a dead horse with this lot, though I do accept that the previous form of some (especially David when he’s pulling the strings and on a firm ground, and Meryl in dressage…) would take some beating. So take your blinkers off! Perhaps what they need is a juvenile who can take everything in their stride….

  2. bitter and twisted:

    Sadly If I or you or anyone else sane got the job and simply did f.a.d.s we would be at least in the top half of the candidates.

  3. Dan:

    Anyone else think Bitter & Twisted would be ideal for the position?

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