Government CPO – still waiting for news of top procurement appointment

So why no announcement yet on the UK Government CPO role? Nearly two weeks now since interviews... Possible reasons:

- Government lost interest in procurement

- All the candidates spotted in balaclava helmets on Saturday afternoon in Piccadilly

- Ian Watmore just can't make up his mind (seems unlikely for a guy who was pretty decisive in getting out of the shambles that was the FA - as per his evidence last week. Pretty clear now what a loss to the FA he was...)

- None of the candidates met the required standard; new search instigated looking at private sector potential candidates (CPOs, consulting firm partners, bloggers....)

- Decision has been made but knock on effects are taking time to resolve - consequential moves, release dates, negotiations around salary increase on promotion...

I think our money would have to be on the last of those. No rumours have escaped from Whitehall as far as I'm aware so we wait with interest.

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  1. Effwhitt:

    These job-share arrangements can take time to resolve………….

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