Government Procurement Card identifies another fraudster

Supply Management reports on an MOD contractor who has been prosecuted for misuse of his Government Procurement Card.

It may sound a little strange, but the pretty regular nature of these reports is one of the reasons I'm a supporter of the GPC - where used properly.  I believe it is actually far easier to spot misuse of the GPC compared to identifying fraud in many 'normal' invoicing and payment systems.  That is only true of course when you have strong controls and good MI from the Card, so well done to MOD for obviously having controls in place.

For the sake of a few grand - which may well be paid back anyway - the chance to identify someone who might have gone on to much bigger or more worrying activities (particularly in an environment such as defence) seems to me not a bad outcome.

But I was surprised to see that this contractor was "responsible for authorising the use of all government procurement cards on the base."

That sounds like a task I would always want a member of staff - and a trusted one at that - to be executing rather than a contractor.  It may be indicative of the culture of heavy contractor use in many parts of the MOD; but it seems sloppy in any case.

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