Green Day at the O2

Green Day - almost as old as me, but still bouncing around like teenagers, with their huge back catalogue of catchy pop / punk / rock songs; and what a great show they provide. It's a cross between a religious or political rally (engagement with the crowd is about the best I've ever seen; we sing almost as much as Billy Joe does), pantomime (kids up on stage playing the band's instruments for one song) and a 'traditional' big venue rock gig with impressive lighting, fireworks, and 'are you alright London' moments.  Two and a half hours as well - who do they think they are, Springsteen? Anyway, great fun and probably the best gig of that size (apart from Springsteen) I've experienced.
I don't like big venues generally so last night was my first trip to the O2; as such places go, it is very good, civilised, pleasant, food and drink expensive but not just hot dogs and warm lager; better than Wembley Arena, Earls Court etc.

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  1. David Smith:

    Just come back from a (well earned) break in Cuba and, as the brochure states, music is played just about everywhere. Cuban music is mostly of Spanish and African origin and is probably a creolized fusion of both. Have always been a big fan of Cuban (and Spanish) music which I can get on my internet radio (do try Radio Habana) and remember how much the late, great Kirsty McCall became influenced by it. Must have heard ‘Oye Como Va’ played by street bands over a dozen or so times which reminded how much I liked 70s Santana (who of course is Mexican!). Go listen to Abraxas again!!!

  2. Jane Smith:

    For those who don’t know- I am just as into music as Peter is but have a slightly less wide musical taste! Just wanted to share with you music fans how great last night’s gig at Portsmouth Pyramids was. Started with the really energetic Sonic Boom Six from Manchester who were a fantastic warm-up act as we had all been queuing in the biting wind on the sea front at Southsea! A fine mix of Ska punk and rapping. I’m sure our daughter Ginny saw them at Camberley FC about 5 years ago playing to about 50 people but they certainly got the 1000 going last night.
    They were followed by the hugely impressive Big D and the Kids Table from Boston (Mass.) who describe themselves as third-wave ska/punk. Great energy again and good backing singers (gentlemen would have enjoyed!).
    The head-liners Reel Big Fish themselves were magnificent. Started with my favourite “Sell Out” and played full-on for an hour and a half including their great covers of Brown Eyed Girl and Take on Me done at lightning speed. It’s a wonder the drummer didn’t keel over with low blood sugar he was bashing so hard. A very good evening!

  3. David Smith:


    As you know, I go to far more gigs than (my wallet tells me) I should! Went to see Alice Cooper (yes I am old) at Hammersmith in December and wow did it take me back. Vincent stills looks like he did in the 70s (and so would I if I wore that much make-up!) and isvirtually doing the same set as when I saw him in 1976. That being said, it was great! Hammersmith was packed (with a very ecletic mix of humans from 60 year old goths to teenagers to I’m really not sure), the props (dolls, axes, blood, guillotines and gallows) were spot on and Alice’s band (including three lead guitarists) were tremendous. As a sign of my years – it was very loud (I mean very loud) even though I’m sort of use to that – can’t remember louder since The Who at Charlton in the early seventies. Couldn’t hear what Jane was saying to me for days (that was great too)! Seperate point (and you know I’m anal about this), whay not ask your muso mates for their guilty musical secrets? (for the record mine are, I like Take That, Backstreet Boys and Country music and I think that Eric Clapton and U2 are hugely overrated) and I always think a Best Five Albums of all time is wirth a re-run!

    Best wishes,

    David (not your elder brother) Smith – DWP

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