Guardian finally catches us up…’OGC is no more’

The Guardian reported yesterday the end of the Office of Government Commerce.

"The Cabinet Office has confirmed that the Office of Government Commerce (OGC) has now ceased to function as a distinct entity, with all of its functions being taken on by the Efficiency and Reform Group (ERG)".

Get with the plan, guys. This is what we said in Spend Matters on January 27th:

For there is no doubt that OGC as a distinct organisation, with a permanent secretary level leader, has gone.  Most has been subsumed into Cabinet Office, and some into BIS (Department of Business).

I don't know what has prompted this statement of the blindingly obvious - perhaps a Guardian intern phoned 1 Horse Guards asking to speak to OGC and got the 'scoop'.

Actually, I shouldn't be rude about the Guardian; they have more public sector insight than any other paper, the world's best political cartoonist in Steve Bell (plus Doonesbury),  and the best newspaper coverage of popular music - all deserve praise, whatever one's political allegiance or feelings about Polly Toynbee might be...


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First Voice

  1. Alan:

    Don’t tell me. They got in P Gershon to advise them how to market procurement more cost effective and efficiently.

    I would like to see S Bell’s image of P Gershon.

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