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In the last year I have been quite heavily involved in developing the procurement capacity of the Enterprise Europe Network which my office belongs to, as well as supporting businesses and getting involved with procurers.

As part of this work I have been training the guys developing an EU funded project called Europroc. Their aim is to “tackle the access of SMEs to public procurement” in their own words. One of the main activities was to develop a series of guides in different languages (it’s European).

They created 2 guides that are very interesting to read and accessible to pretty much anybody involved in aspects of public procurement.

The first one is a GOOD PRACTICES GUIDE designed to be practical and easy to access. It should be seen as a tool for Business Support Organisations (chambers of commerce, industry bodies etc) to help them support SMEs and enable them to radh their ppotential in terms of public sector contracts. It describes in detail the 17 Good Practices led by Regional/National public authorities on procurement instruments for SMEs.

The second one is called NAVIGATE CHANGE and presents new global approaches to public procurement. This guidebook provides guidance to business leaders in small- or medium-sized companies.

These "new approaches" have changed the way regulations and procedures are applied by public authorities and are grouped into four themes:
- Green Public Procurement;
- Socially Responsible Public Procurement;
- Procurement for Innovation;
- Electronic Public Procurement.

I have participated in the production of the first one and spoke about the second one at the presentation / launch conference in Barcelona last week. You can download the guides here.

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