Halloweeen – Scary Stories recommended by Jonathan Messinger

We've mentioned Public Spend Forum a couple of times here - the new addition to the Spend Matters family, covering US public sector issues, mainly at Federal (national) level.

But what I didn't know till the other day is that Editor of the site, Jonathan Messinger, actually made a living for several years as a book reviewer. I didn't know that was a feasible career! I'd already worked out he is a very good writer, from reading his articles on the site, but now we know why...

Anyway, he's done a list of scary books for Halloween. Now that occasion is still a whole lot more significant in the US than in Europe generally, but whether or not you're planning to get out the witches or wizards outfit, the green make up and the luminous false nose (and let's face it, that's a normal Friday night in Camberley) over the next few days, his list is going to be worth reading given his background.

I'm not a great one for scary books to be honest - let's face it, when you support Sunderland Football Club... (just finish off that joke yourself, people...) I tend to prefer humour, business, the odd modern novel, but given we're talking about a serious book person here, Jonathan's recommendations should be well worth following and I may just invest myself.

Here's one of his suggestions, as a taster - but follow the link to get the full works!

Stay Awake, by Dan Chaon

I feel like I’m cheating a bit with this one, because Chaon’s story “The Bees,” leads off both this collection of stories and Poe’s Children, but in the interest of making bold statements, I’ll just say it: It’s probably the greatest scary story every written. If “literary horror” is a thing—and your thing—then Chaon is certainly it’s finest practitioner. There’s definitely something Hitchcockian to Chaon’s brand of fright, where it’s often difficult to tell whether the otherworldly danger is the cause or the product of the characters’ psychological torment (hint: it’s both).

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