Happy Bank Holiday – It Starts Here

The Easter weekend starts just about as we publish this, and at this time (4.00pm on Thursday) I will probably be sitting in a 50-mile traffic jam on the A1 somewhere between Newark and Stevenage.

But in terms of this site, we don’t plan to publish anything new again until Tuesday, unless something earth-shattering happens in the world of procurement; a major acquisition, a government procurement scandal or Tesco running out of Easter Eggs because of a supply chain mis-calculation, perhaps.

Incidentally, I still count the successful launch of the Mars Easter Egg programme - driven by truly collaborative outsourcing - as one of my top three business achievements ever. And Easter Egg packaging is a classic example of why “value” should always take precedent over “price” – maybe we’ll say more about that on Tuesday.

We just learnt this morning that Peter Akid, Director of Procurement at NHS Shared Business Services (NHS SBS), retires today - so  we wish Peter all the best for the future. And we wish you a very good weekend, whether this is a meaningful religious festival to you or just an opportunity for time with the family or to start planting those vegetable seeds.

We will see you on Tuesday.

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