Happy Christmas from Spend Matters

So if you’re reading this now, on Christmas Eve, then you are a very enthusiastic follower of Spend Matters (thanks!), a very dedicated procurement person who is still at their desk in a deserted office with nothing else to do, or home with the family and bored already. Or any combination of the above.

But whatever, all it remains for us to do is to wish all our readers a very happy Christmas.  We will be back on December 27th, and between Christmas and New Year we will be running some “best of” articles, as well as looking forward to what we plan to write about and feature in 2014.

Then in the first couple of weeks of January, we’ll look at what 2014 might have in store, and look at what procurement people should be considering as the world moves into a period of decent economic growth (probably) and England win the World Cup (improbably).

Finally, thanks so much to everyone who reads Spend Matters and those who comment. It can be a little lonely sitting here writing away every day, but it is all worthwhile when you find people who enjoy reading us and get something out of it – whether it is news, opinion, analysis, a laugh, a frisson of annoyance... whatever.

All our best wishes, be safe and healthy, and have a lovely Christmas.

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