Happy Holidays – and we’re going to the Olympics, we may be some time….

We’re now moving into serious holiday territory across not just the UK but most of the Western world. But rest assured, Spend Matters UK/Europe won’t be having a break from blogging over the summer – we may feature a few more articles of general interest, rather than procurement stuff, and perhaps on the odd day you’ll see two instead of three pieces.

On the other hand, if anything exciting happens in our professional world, we’ll be there to cover it as usual. So do keep reading, even if you’re not at work – it’s fine to follow the site in your own time, it’s not like it’s serious work, is it?

And of course we have the Olympics starting tonight in London. I’m off to the Olympics Rowing next week for one of the non-finals days. We have our park and ride booked in Windsor Great Park, but we have been instructed to be there at the car park between 6.30 and 7am, and allow plenty of time for road congestion – we're thinking of setting off now.  (The racing starts at 9.30am that morning).

We'll be reporting on our very early morning – and on how the whole logistics of travel works for that event at least. In fact, we’re going to feature the Olympics more broadly over the next couple of  weeks in terms of how the procurement and supply chain issues have, in our opinion, been managed generally.

Anyway, enjoy the Olympics if you’re going, or indeed if you’re a Helper,as several of my friends are, and can we wish you a very happy, restful and enjoyable break if you’re fortunate enough to be having one.

And here's a good track for no other reason than it's called "Epic Holiday" - from Angels and Airwaves...


Sorry, couldn't resist...

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