Happy Holidays … Some Suggested Reading

We’re moving into a public holiday weekend across much of Europe now, so we are signing off for a few days. We will be back next Tuesday … But if you want to spend some time over the weekend doing some reading, here are a few things you might want to consider, both from us and from other sources.

We’ve just published the final part of our Five Principles of Sourcing series (with technology leaders Trade Extensions).  Our series of papers is not designed purely for the leading edge users of powerful optimization tools however; really this is about the core principles of sourcing, and as such applies to private and public sector organisations, large and small ...

Similarly, our paper (written in conjunction with riskmethods) looks at how to manage risk in second tier suppliers (and beyond). So it is most applicable in manufacturing industry – but in some parts of the service sector or even public sector, notably defence and construction, there are very similar issues to consider.

For UK readers in particular, the report into the London Garden Bridge  (download here garden_bridge_review_0) makes depressing reading, and exposes what I think we have to call the “corruption” of the process, including some VERY dodgy procurement. This has cost the taxpayer millions and needs stopping before it costs more.

If you haven’t read the Future Purchasing report in Category Management, then you should. Based on the world’s leading CatMan survey, it contains a huge amount of good analysis, thinking and best practice. Practitioners can now request a copy of the excellent report here. And we did a webinar too which you can still access here with Mark Webb and Professor Marc Day who put the report together.

The Deloitte / Odgers Berndtson Global chief Procurement Officer Survey report 2017 is out and makes interesting reading. It has some interesting thoughts about procurement priorities and direction, and we will review it in more detail after Easter. Get ahead of us and download it here - deloitte-uk-global-cpo-survey-2017.

The Evolution of Procurement is another one of our recent briefing papers. It looks at some fashionable ideas such as Procurement-as-a-Service, and focuses on the contingent labour spend category to give some examples of how the role of procurement is changing.There is a webinar we did too with Comensura which you can still listen too here.

Have a good holiday weekend …

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