Happy Jubliee – and don’t forget our amazing competition with a real prize!

To our UK readers - have a very enjoyable Jubilee weekend. We're off to the Applecart Festival on Sunday, booked before I knew it was also the day of the Thames Boat Pageant which is going to make travelling from south-west of London to Hackney "interesting".  And after two weeks of lovely weather - the forecast is cold and very wet!

But don't forget our competition - what procurement events of the last 60 years would you put on a timeline of notable milestones? We've pinched the idea from Trade Interchange - here's what we said yesterday.

They’ve put together a timeline showing the major events of the Queen’s reign in royal terms – various marriages, deaths etc – and the major procurement milestones of the last 60 years set alongside. You can see it here on their website.

We've had some good entries so far; the introduction of the EU procurement directives 31st March 2004, the publication of the Kraljic Matrix; and signing the Treaty of Rome for instance. But I'm sure there's a lot more to come! And half a crate of champagne for the winner...

And I wanted to leave you with a suitable piece of music for the weekend.So here is the great song that was number one in the UK thirty years ago, half way through Her Majesty's reign.

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  1. Dan:

    I hate to be pedantic, but the EU procurement directives were introduced in 1993….

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