Happy May Day and First Thoughts on Procurious Big Ideas Summit

Happy celebration of International Workers' Day created to commemorate the Haymarket affair in Chicago  and /or  ancient pagan ceremony of fertility and fresh growth  and / or Spring Bank Holiday introduced to the UK in 1978!

Given it is a Bank Holiday in the UK, we aren’t going to publish too much here today. However, my US colleague Jason Busch and I were at the Procurious Big Ideas Summit last Thursday. And if you can’t wait for my review of the event in full and some highlights of the sessions over a number of posts, Jason has excelled himself and already published a couple of articles on the Spend Matters US site.

Here is his introductory post, with a bit of overview and some comments on our friend Sigi Osagie’s keynote speech.

“Venues aside – and the Soho Hotel has a truly great small conference facility – the event, being simulcast live online, kicked off with Professor/emcee Jules Goddard, a wonderful host, facilitating an icebreaker to get the audience engaged”.

Meeting Goddard was a highlight for me – we’ll be mentioning him again here in weeks to come, I’m sure. You can also read Jason’s thoughts on the presentation from Theano Liakopoulou ( a very smart Greek lady) of McKinsey here. There was some strong content in this session - as Jason reports;

Further, Liakopoulou notes, top procurement performers:

  • “Drive superior value through sharp make vs. buy decisions and outsourcing management”
  • “Maximize value of supplier relationships through supplier collaboration”
  • “Drive a lean philosophy and implement a design-to-value approach”
  • “Enable superior management decisions through advanced analytics”

Given it was the first Procurious event, and one that tried to do something a bit different compared to most conferences, we thought it was a real success. More to come on the day, well done to their team and I’m sure it won’t be the last Procurious event we'll be reporting on.

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