Happy New Year from Spend Matters

A very happy New Year to all our readers!

Thanks to everyone who has during 2014; taken the time to read our blogs and papers; attended webinars, conferences, workshops where I’ve been speaking; left comments, humorous or serious on our websites; written guest articles (big thanks to you!); or worked with us commercially and provided the income that allows us to do this.

That last point is of course key. Our income means I haven’t had to go and get a proper job again as an interim Commercial Director in some challenging part of the public sector. Because that’s probably where I would be if Spend Matters hadn’t proved to be a viable proposition! It’s still not as lucrative, to be honest, but it is a lot less stressful and generally more fun than being interim Commercial Director for the government’s ID Card Programme, as I once was, for my sins...

But the most satisfying thing about doing this is when you meet someone new at a conference, and they turn out to be a keen reader who enjoys what we do. And perhaps the highlight of the year was getting an email from someone telling me that he was moving jobs, a good promotion, and he didn’t think he would have got the job if he hadn’t been a Spend Matters reader. It had helped him get that insight into procurement developments, technology and so on that presumably helped his confidence in the interview situation.

It’s been an interesting year as usual, with our highlights being Nancy Clinton becoming our Editor and launch of Public Spend Matters Europe. And two important procurement related organisations have seen major changes – CIPS (with the name change and the new Corporate member moves) and the government’s Crown Commercial Services.

Let’s clear one thing up. I’ve been accused recently of being “anti” both of those organisations - which is far from the truth. However, both are in some sense virtual monopolies. And as a good procurement person, I think we should challenge monopolies, and really, there aren’t too many other people with some sort of public platform who can ask the odd difficult question of CIPS and CCS. So that’s what we enjoy doing, because I firmly believe that if no-one ever criticises you, the inevitable consequences are complacency and arrogance. But we do it in the spirit of wanting them to be better organisations, nothing else.

Anyway, enough of this grandiose philosophising. We hope you have a very happy New Year’s Eve and day, and we will back on January 2nd 2015. Yes, 2015!

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