Happy New Year from Spend Matters

Happy New Year!

2016 was far from the best year ever for me personally, to be honest. My Father died, not surprising given he was 88 and very ill, but whenever it happens, losing a parent will be a significant moment for most of us. Others close to me lost parents too; friends who seemed happily married for life announced divorce; whilst the list of those we know who are coping with heart problems, cancer and so on seems to grow – inevitable I suppose as you get older.

And in the great big outside world, it was madness. Whether it was the apparent “which much-loved star will die this week” panic, or Brexit, Trump, Syria, Erdogan, Duterte … the political world seemed to be moving in a worrying and strange direction. Let's hope 2017 is more cheerful.

On a work front, Spend Matters has continued onward with perhaps less change in Europe than we might have expected – although there have been more developments in the US for our colleagues there. The vast majority of our partners are a real pleasure to work with; as is the procurement community generally. It is such a pleasure to go to events and meet so many clever, committed people who care about what they (and we as a profession) do day to day.

But things are changing. There is just so much “content” and material out there for people to consume, a lot of it rubbish or written by people who don’t deserve your time.  I feel we struggle sometimes to break through that. Do we write too much? Not enough? Would we be better off putting our material on other platforms rather than focusing it here? Should we produce content in Twitter or Facebook bite-sized chunks? Is video the future? Our partners seem to be looking for a wider range of “products” from us certainly, and we have to stay relevant. There are some big questions for us in 2017 I suspect.

Public Spend Forum was our big news in 2016, and I hope that can develop in 2017. We supported Koble (in which Jason Busch, founder of Spend Matters, and I have small equity stakes), a new social-media—type platform for linking buyers and sellers. There will certainly be a next generation of social-media type platforms to help buyer / seller relationships; will Koble be one of the winners? We will probably find out in 2017.

Anyway, enough of this introspection. Nancy Clinton and I would like to wish all our readers a very Happy New Year, and let’s hope 2017 is a little less dramatic than 2016. We really appreciate everyone who reads our material, downloads papers, comes to events and webinars, comments on the sites, our much-valued guest writers of course … without you we are nothing, just a tree falling silently in the woods.

Many, many thanks and all our best wishes for health and happiness in 2017 to you, your family and friends. And we will be back into the swing of things here on January 3rd.

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