Happy New Year! Spend Matters plans for the Autumn

As I write this, there is a real chill in the air this morning, with a hint of winter to come, never mind autumn. This has always seemed a particularly evocative time of year for me, and also feels more like the "New Year" than January 1st.

That is driven I suppose, by it being the beginning of a new academic year (in the UK at least), which was such a key moment for us during our formative years. That feeling of excitement about a new class or even school, a little trepidation about new people to meet, different work or location, with a touch of sorrow for having left another year behind - I still feel a little of that overall sensation even now.

So I'm thinking about the coming year for Spend Matters. We've got at least one new venture launching soon (low key initially), which is exciting, and we'll be building our subscription based  Spend Matters PRO to make it, I hope, an unmissable service.

What about the issues we'll be covering? One major theme we'll be getting into is the "future of procurement". It's not exactly an original topic, but we plan to get into it in more detail than anyone else has done, and turn it into tangible thinking, advice and insight. Because while it may not be totally original, it is clearly important for us an individuals and as a profession.

The timing is also pertinent, because I strongly suspect that, for the first time in my career, the number of procurement professionals, in the UK certainly, is declining.  A combination of public sector cutbacks, scaling back in the financial services sector, and greater automation, is bringing some new issues for the profession.

What else? Our public sector coverage is going to look at some of the big issues in the health sector, and maybe get a little controversial when we do our review of procurement progress at the halfway point of the current government.

I also want to feature more coverage around procurement in the context of manufacturing businesses and how that links with wider supply chain issues - we briefly mentioned some exciting developments in this recent post, so more on that sort of thing I hope. We'll also look at the contribution procurement and procurement people can and should make in the context of major outsourcing initiatives.

We've also got a couple of very interesting new sponsors to tell you about very soon, and we will continue to report on technology and all the relevant happenings on the provider side of things.

And an open invitation - if you feel there are areas we should cover more, or we haven't touched at all, please let us know and pass on your ideas. Equally, we're always open to guest articles - they need to be interesting, contain some useful information, insight or analysis, and not be too "sales-y" if they come from the supply side. We reserve the right to politely decline (but we rarely do), and I would love to get a few more guest writers, regular or occasional, with different viewpoints or expertise.

So for either communicating ideas on our coverage, or offers of guest writing, just drop me an email at psmith(at)spendmatters.com.

Finally, as we come up to our two year anniversary, just a big thank you to everyone who reads, comments, follows me on Twitter (@gpetersmith) or supports us in any way. It is very much appreciated.

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