Happy New Year!

We'd like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year - not sure whether we'll post on Monday but we may have another music post over the weekend anyway...

We would like to thank again everyone who has read, commented, written, advised, sponsored, or helped us in any way through 2010. We'd particularly like to thank our sponsors who do, quite literally, make the site possible. You will notice some changes in athe New Ywar with new sponsor names appearing and some old going - perhaps only temporarily!

Anyway, while we maintain our independent editorial stance with vigour, sponsorship does allow us to put (as you may have guessed) significant time, effort and even money into the blog, so it is much appreciated.

And if you would like to know what it might do to help your firm, do drop me an email - psmith@spendmatters.com.

Once again, thanks to everyone and all the very best for 2012!


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