Happy (wet and cold) August Bank Holiday!

Today is August Bank Holiday in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, and by tradition, the weather forecast is for torrential rain over most of the UK. But today may also be the coldest August holiday ever in London apparently - how exciting!

Anyway, we will be back here late morning with our final review of Reading Festival, but no more procurement news today unless something amazing happens (IBM buys SAP, you know the sort of thing).

But if you are desperate for a fix, why not download some of our free papers - a good read, and hopefully interesting / useful / stimulating from a procurement perspective. Here are a few but there are many more - see the links on this page over to the right... and happy holiday to readers who are so endowed!

Decoupling Creative and Production Procurement – Handle with Care!
This short paper addresses an important issue for buyers of marketing services and of course budget holders in the marketing area. We look at the idea of ‘de-coupling’ spend – the separation of different elements within the marketing process in terms of commercial management, so (for instance), looking to split the procurement of creative and production activities.

Centralise or Devolve Procurement – Why Not Both?
The debates over centralised and de-centralised procurement, and the linked issue of how much purchasing authority can and should be delegated to end users and budget holders, have been going on for years. In fact, every organisation needs to look at its specific needs, and indeed the right approach may differ across different spend categories.

Contract Management: Making the business case for investment (part 3) - Identifying Opportunities
This is the third and final paper in this series, looking at how executives can make a compelling business case for investment to improve contract management performance in their organisations. We revisit the entire business case format, and conclude with a brief summary of the message that runs through all three papers – the value of effective contract management to every organisation.

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