Harnessing Supplier Innovation – Jaggaer Real World Procurement Webinar Next Week


Time goes by so quickly..  we’re almost at this month’s webinar in what used to be the BravoSolution, now the Jaggaer Real World Procurement Series.

So next Tuesday at 4pm UK time it is our old friend David Atkinson talking about Harnessing Supplier Innovation – From the Theoretical to the Practical.

Many of you will have heard or seen some of his previous sessions – he is a deep expert on supplier relationship management and related issues, and is also an excellent speaker. And this is a great topic. More and more procurement functions are charged with capturing innovation from suppliers, but few know how to go about it in a structured, effective manner. It can’t just be an add-on at the end of a long list of topics on the quarterly review meeting!

We’ve also seen too many organisations who seem to think you can kick a supplier, beat them up on price and then ask them for their most innovative ideas. Well, you can try that tactic, but don’t be surprised when they don’t seem to come up with much of interest …

So this webinar should be essential listening; David is going to discuss

  • How supplier innovation fits within the practice of SRM.
  • The supplier management practices that encourage supplier innovation.
  • Placing a value on innovation, whilst quantifying the costs associated with securing it.
  • Implementing a systematic approach to ensuring supplier innovation becomes a business-as-usual activity.

You can register here now, free of charge of course.

And here are a couple of his previous sessions on SRM if you’re interested, available as on-demand webinars now.

Supplier Relationship and Value Management: The Five Programme Killers, and How to Overcome Them

Supplier Relationship and Value Management: Does your organization have what it takes?

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