Have a good Easter weekend…

It is our long weekend (public holiday today and Monday) for Easter in the UK, so we wish our readers a good break if you’re having one.  I’ve never worked out an appropriate  greeting to offer people who hold Christian religious beliefs at Easter, given the nature of what is being celebrated, so we won’t try. But I hope everyone has an enjoyable and fulfilling weekend, whatever you're up to.

If you miss your regular reading for a couple of days, do remember all the other sites in the Spend Matters family:

 Spend Matters US

 Healthcare Matters (mainly US focused)

 Spend Matters Netherlands (if you speak the language...)

Metal Miner - for those interested in the metals and commodity worlds.

Spend Matters Network (bringing together content from our various sites)

We will have our March music review tomorrow and we will return in April! (Tuesday, that is).

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