HCSA Conference – NHS Procurement Event is Rapidly Approaching

We are just two weeks away from the big NHS procurement conference of the year, the Health Care Supply Association (HCSA) event, held this year on November 25th / 26th at the St.John's Hotel, Solihull after a few years in Manchester. I'm speaking about the Future of Procurement, and other speakers include Lord Hunt, Sally Collier from CCS, Pat Mills (the Department of Heath Commercial Director in his first appearance at HCSA) and various CPOs from the sector.

In advance, we asked our anonymous health CPO informant for his view on the event and what to look out for. This is what he said.

"“We know what we are but know not what we may be” – Will Shakespeare.

This year the HCSA Conference is being held in Solihull, a leafy well-to-do borough nestled between Birmingham and Warwickshire. A town that Brummies move to when they trade up, a place that until this year was defined as the best place to live in the UK, but was unfairly usurped by Edinburgh in the latest survey.

Home to TV show Peaky Blinders, Brum (the jolly little car that kids love), Curries and within a stone's throw of the birth place of the great Bard and some great industrialists, I have high hopes for this year after the 2014 conference, which I covered here for Spend Matters.

Questions I am looking forward to seeing clarified are around how the new NHS Supply Chain / DHL arrangements will create sustainable value; what is going to be done with the confused NHS procurement landscape; where is GS1 /PEPPOL going and is the centre stifling innovation; what’s happening with Spend Analytics and Benchmarking; how are CFOs going to support procurement; and who is Pat Mills and what does he think of us all !?

I’m also becoming increasingly curious about the HCSA and whether it sees itself morphing into a HFMA-type body (that is the finance professional body within health) that’s run by salaried professionals to truly develop the profession.

The event will be finished off by some psychological support from Peter Smith and the usual rousing hurrah from Lord Phil of Brum, and I am full of hope and anticipation that we will be turbo charged to achieve things and begin to know what we may be and where we are going ...

More to follow at the end of November!"

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