Health Care Supplies Association Dinner and Awards

The glittering Health Care Supplies Association Dinner tonight was really very enjoyable. Very good food actually (Hilton Manchester Deansgate - respect) , liked the piano player, well done to Lord Hunt for speaking at the event today and at the dinner, unlike certain other Lords who didn't turn up. Simon Walsh, current chair, has a future as an MC or stand up comic - he's great, the only problem is, he is so dry in his delivery I sometimes thing he's being funny when he isn't. Or maybe he is... He's great anyway, and John Effingham did a brilliant job too.

And the main prize-winners from tonight are:

  • Alex Diamond
  • Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh Trust
  • The Procurement and Logistics Service of Northern Ireland
  • South West Commissioning Support Mental Health Team
  • Laura Whitworth
  • Worcestshire Acute hospitals
  • Laura Quirke (Supply Excellence award - she seemed quite overcome!)

Well done to all of them and also good to see the number of women winning awards comfortably outweighing the proportion in the audience generally! The future is female, as my daughter tells me regularly...

Here are a  couple of photos taken with my usual photographic excellence. I would have published more but I thought Alex Diamond in particular might have sued me - she looked great and it really did not do her justice !


IMAG0347 IMAG0345

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First Voice

  1. Simon Walsh:

    Thanks Peter-we really enjoyed seeing you at Conference and your support for and understanding of NHS procurement is appreciated.
    See you next year in Solihull.

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