HMV Videos! Possibly not as exciting as you think… (but interesting anyway)

When I got an email last week asking me if I’d like to feature some videos from HMV on Spend Matters, I got quite excited. As my favourite retail chain in the UK (not difficult, given I hate shopping and love music), as well as owners of live music promoters MAMA (Hammersmith Apollo etc), I wondered what HMV might have in store for me? Previously undiscovered backstage footage of Nirvana at Reading Festival, circa 1992? Debbie Harry and Blondie’s first gig at CBGBs in New York? Live footage of a late sixties Stones drugs bust?

Well, not exactly. It’s Paul Barker, the Procurement Director of HMV, in a series of videos made to communicate the work the firm is doing in the procurement area. Oh well, you can’t have everything I suppose!

HMV have been through some tough times recently, as downloads and web-based retailers have taken their toll on HMV’s core business, so procurement is clearly of great importance. And actually, these are  well made and interesting videos – some have more content then others, and there’s an element of promotion for Wax Digital, whose procurement software HMV are now using.

But as an example of a senior procurement person using somewhat unusual means to get their message across, I rather like the approach. It helps that Barker is very fluent and convincing, and comes across as a naturally adept communicator. Here’s a couple for today, and we’ll feature more next week.

In the first, Barker  talks about why procurement and sourcing is important to HMV.

And in this one, he talks about targeting savings, and the results from e-auctions in particular.

More next week...

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  1. Aaron Emmett:

    I wonder if there’s any chance of seeing the videos?!

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