Holiday? What Holiday? Spend Matters ploughs on regardless

I do feel so sorry for all the people stuck at airports, Eurostar terminals and so on.  When exactly did the UK become incapable of organising the proverbial p***-up in the brewery - or clearing a few inches of snow from an airport (and it is only a few inches / centimetres; to any readers outside the UK, we are not talking alpine levels here).

But it does bear out my personal theory that holidays are much over-rated and almost always more trouble than they're worth. And on that note, as we move into the holiday season, just to say that over the next two weeks we at Spend Matters UK/Europe are taking the radical step of basically ignoring Christmas as much as is humanly possible.  We probably won't post much over the Christmas weekend... but otherwise it is pretty much business as usual.

We may include a few more lighter posts, like our music run-down of the year.  And some review of the year items, and link to Jason's excellent 'greatest hits' type items.  But we'll also keep an eye on the news, and we're planning to publish some serious analysis of UK Defence procurement issues; and forward looking pieces in terms of what 2011 may bring.

So if you're not in work for a couple of weeks, and you usually read Spend Matters from the office, why not login at home when you're sick of the mince pies, booze and dodgy TV?  You could even comment on our posts - let's get some good controversial discussion going over the holidays, liven things up a bit!

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