How (some) Procurement Conferences really work

I was in a large open-plan office yesterday, talking to an old friend. Whle we chatted, he opened a letter addressed to him (my conversation was obviously very gripping).

It was an invitation to a procurement conference which started "Quite frankly, not every Procurement Chief is receiving this invitation" and went on in a similar vein.

We noticed that one of the speakers was a colleague of my friend who happened to be sitting about 10 feet away.  I asked him whether he was pleased that (according to this flyer*) he was "outstanding and has been specially selected because they have something important or different to say"?

It took him a few minutes to even recall having agreed to do this event. "How did this 'specially selected' thing work then?" I asked him.

"They asked my boss. He couldn't do it, so I said I would."

So there you go.  Certainly sounds like a special selection process to me.  So when you get these extravagant marketing pitches, just remember the (probable) reality....

*The letter also said this "..... you will not find yourself accosted by smiling gentlemen selling you the same old stories".  This puzzled me a bit.  Do they mean the speakers? In which case the speakers here are presumably "....frowning ladies telling new stories"....OR are these just random smiling gentlemen who hang around procurement conferences, bothering the delegates with their same old stories; but thanks to top-class security procedures they will be firmly excluded from this one?  I think we need to know....

** Update...i should have said the speaker who is participating is an excellent person and will I'm sure be brilliant!

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  1. Christine Morton:

    Ah.. but who has time/money to go to conferences anymore?

    We made finalist status in this year’s CIPS/Supply Management Awards and because of the cost involved (it’s an evening ‘do at £190/ticket) we are not allowed to attend. Fair enough – we have always had to be conscious of the use of taxpayers’ monies. It’s just a shame they cost so much!

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