How To Get Published on Spend Matters UK/Europe — a guest writer’s guide

One of the most enduring attributes of our Spend Matters site, apart from its variety of procurement topic coverage, intellectual appeal and quality of expertise and insight -- and the multi-talents of Mr Smith of course -- is our enthusiasm to open our platform to guest writers. We are delighted that so many of our readers, and audience who stumble across us in searches or at events, believe it a procurement accolade to have their posts appear here. And we are equally delighted that the procurement (and music) fraternity wish to share their expertise, opinions, research or insight with us and the sector. We are even more delighted when readers share back their views – either in comments on the site or through Twitter or LinkedIn. As objective as we like to be in our approach and mindset, with the numbers of potential guest writers growing steadily, we thought it about time we put together some Spend Matters UK/Europe submission guidelines for our guest authors – not least because we have been asked many times whether we have any. Well we do now! It’s not our intention to become bureaucratic or process-laden, heaven forbid! (you can sit down now Peter!) our guidelines are exactly what they say they are – guidelines. Neither will we be scrutinising every post as a tick box exercise against them. But there is some good common logic behind having them defined a) to answer our writers’ questions b) to save time post-submission c) to help writers reach and engage better with the Spend Matters audience. They will:

  • Answer your basic questions – like how long your post should be and what happens if you want it to be longer
  • Advise on tone and language to best gain our readers’ interest
  • Help you decide how to position your piece: is it advisory, opinion-related, responsive?
  • Help you increase the chances of getting your post noticed by search engines
  • Help you frame your theme – into a series, a call to action, a one-off review, agenerator of debate!

We hope you’ll take a moment to read our brief guidelines; they aren’t intended to be a style guide or even a pre-requisite to publication, but they do represent a helping hand to getting your post published. We attempt to publish all the posts we receive, but we can’t guarantee it unfortunately, space simply doesn’t allow. So the more relevant, fresh and thought-provoking your post, the more likely we are to publish it. And if you remember four age-old central pillars, it’s even more likely:

  • The Heading -- your most valuable tool – use SEO-rich keywords, like Procurement, Purchasing or Supply -- funnily enough!
  • Relevance – put your most relevant, newsworthy or thought-provoking material early in the first paragraph, so the reader knows what they are reading about and why it’s relevant to them. This kind of ‘pyramid’ approach will help search engines give you maximum exposure.
  • Detail -- delve into more detail in subsequent paragraphs.
  • Background – put supporting information towards the end.

If there’s one thing we want our readers ultimately to take away from our posts – as well as a bit of information, fresh thinking, a valuable use of their five minutes and maybe a bit of quirkiness – it’s a smile. So, if you’re smiling to yourself thinking ‘well! this post doesn’t do all of that’ – then we’ve done our job.

You can view our guidelines here  GuestPostGuidelines_SMUK

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