How to make friends and influence people (Part 1): Guy Allen and the iPhone

Guy is a good friend of mine and a great procurement leader; Abbey National / Santander, now Fujitsu CPO.  He is also one of those excellent individuals who is never afraid of being the contrarian in the room.  So when he was asked to write a blog for CPO Agenda, he immediately thought, like all good bloggers; how can I upset as many people as possible in the minimum number of words?

He obviously considered insulting various constituencies; political maybe, or golfers, or beer drinkers.  But no, all of that would be too easy. Let's go straight for the jugular.

So here is his piece; why procurement people who use an iPhone are idiots!

Nice one Guy; next week, "People who drive BMWs are psychopaths"... (wait a minute...)

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First Voice

  1. Guy:

    Have you got an iPhone Peter?

    I like to think of myself as the Canute of Procurement!

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