IACCM Conference – Dublin Next Month for Big Contract Management Event

Not-for-profit membership organisation IACCM (the International Association for Contract and Commercial Management) has become a real force in recent years. They focus on both sides of the contract, with members from the buy-side including both procurement people and those involved with contract management, whether legal folk involved in putting the contractual documents together or operational contract managers. On the sell-side, their members represent generally lawyers, finance and commercial people involved with contracting rather than out-and-out sales execs.

But that combination seems to work well – as IACCM would I’m sure say, both parties to the deal have an interest in contracts being well-constructed, well-managed and administered. In any case, the organisation has gone from strength to strength  and their 14th Annual Conference (Europe) is being held shortly in Dublin.

Becoming a 'Commercial Powerhouse': Outsight, Innovation & Smart Contractingis the snappy title, and the event is at the Royal Marine Hotel, Dublin from May 8th – 10th.  Nancy and I attended the 2015 event as it was in London and it was very good – professional and with good speakers and choice of topics. (Some of our coverage is here, here, and here.) There were over 200 delegates then and I guess Dublin may see more given the growth rate of the organisation.

“Complex supply ecosystems demand new forms of contracting and the development of integrated business skills and functions. The future looks very different from the past, especially in the field of contracting and commercial management. Big data, analytics, cognitive software, portfolio management, behavioural economics, virtual negotiation ... The opportunities for transformation abound”.

That’s what the website says and we’d also add that most procurement organisations and senior executives don’t put as much emphasis on contract management as they should. As we have said many times before, poor contract management performance can ruin even the best procurement exercise, so it is really in the interests of procurement to do everything we can to make sure contract management work!

Speakers include Gareth Rhys-Williams, the Chief Commercial Officer for the UK Government; Louise Thompson, Director of Contract Management, De La Rue; Reinhard Plaza-Bartsch, Group Head of Commercial Contract Management, Vodafone  and Brett Bruen, Former U.S. Diplomat & Director of Global Engagement at The White House (he sounds exciting)!  There are many more from impressive businesses such as Shell, Atos as well as a sprinkling of academics and analysts.

It all sounds good - you can find out more about the event and book here.


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