IACCM Europe Forum 2015 – Encouraging Everyone To Think ‘Outside the Rules’

The International Association for Contract & Commercial Management (IACCM) is hosting its Europe Forum 2015 on June 15 - 17 at The Hurlingham Club, London. The IACCM is the "only think tank, research and practitioner body focused on advancing contracting and commercial practices and has more than 30,000 members from more than 150 countries and 10,000 organisations, and is the leading collaborative community for the sales contracting, procurement, commercial management and legal functions. As a non-profit organisation it provides executives and practitioners with advisory, research and benchmarking services, and worldwide training and certification for professionals."

Its goal is "to establish and govern value-driven trading relationships, helping business leaders to maximise the benefits of business relationships," and in our view it is a fascinating organisation. Founded only 15 years ago, it is becoming amongst other things a real alternative to longer-standing professional bodies such as CIPS and ISM for many people in roles that we might consider to be procurement-related. The organisation is also competitive in other areas; IACCM won a contract fairly recently for training work with the UK government for example that we understand CIPS also bid for.

But there is no doubt that IACCM is now producing some very impressive and worthwhile material, services and events, and the Forum looks very promising. The aim is to explore commercial and contracting excellence practices, and it will feature cross-industry global perspectives in three days of intense networking, learning and insight and promises actionable information on how to manage your interactions with trading partners.

Looking at the Agenda, there appears to some genuinely interesting sessions with potential for some real and useful one-to-one interaction, like:

  • the on-stage live interview ‘Emulating the UK Government 'Commercial Reform' to Extract Maximum Value from Any Deal’ with Sally Collier, CEO of UK Government’s Crown Commercial Services
  • the simultaneously run workshops each day, like: Driving and Measuring Real Bottom-line Value from Contracts vs Driving Strategic Contracting, Legal & Commercial Business Transformation or Integrated Relationship Management - Maximizing Value from the Start vs Best Practices in Battling Contract Value Erosion Post Award
  • the Performance Master Class in Personal Impact and Presentation Skills (as an Interactive Keynote) learning how to present to executive stakeholders, communicate persuasively and get their buy-in
  • the Executive Boardroom: Developing Commercial Excellence or Commercial Excellence: Ten Pitfalls To Avoid In Contracting (some sessions, like these two, are invite-only)
  • some good keynotes: Ensuring Your (Continued) Relevance in a Changing World,
  • panel discussions including: Fire-Fighter, Change Agent and Value Creator: The Evolving Role of Contract Management Practitioners
  • the Quick-Fire Sessions (15 minutes each) addressing the 'hot topics' being experienced by IACCM members

In terms of attendees, the forum is attracting: heads of contracts, heads of commercial, in-house counsels, heads of procurement, senior project managers, heads of outsourcing, heads of supply chain management and logistics, negotiators and all associated directors, managers and specialists dealing with contracts – so everyone in contracts really!

The agenda really does look packed with something for everyone. Spend Matters will be attending and we will cover the event in our posts soon after, so if you can’t make it, do check in and read our reports. However, if you can, you can register here and read more about the event here.

And it's a pretty nice venue too!


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