IACCM/State of Flux SRM Training Programme – A New Partnership, A New Approach

The importance of supplier relationship management (SRM) as a core element of the overall procurement process has long been a subject of debate in larger organisations: sustain investment to get long-term results (if you can afford it) or treat as a one-off outlay and hope it transforms into an ongoing skillset (if you bother at all). The problem has been that historically training in this area, soft skills and hard skills, has never really been treated as a targeted, procurement-related qualification offered by, or even demanded by, companies. Reliance has been rather on the domain of the institutes (like CIPS) and training foundations to fill that gap. But things are changing.

Organisations are beginning to understand better, and place more strategic emphasis on, the benefits that SRM can bring to negotiations, long-term relationships and business performance. One of them is State of Flux, specialist procurement consulting firm, which has partnered with the IACCM, International Association for Contract and Commercial Management, to provide a new joint supplier relationship management training and professional certification programme.

The two organisations have offered SRM training for several years now, both coming at it from different angles depending on their membership (IACCM) or customer (SoF) base. But they now come together to offer procurement teams and individuals managing supplier relationships, as the statement says, “the required blend of technical capabilities, behavioural and collaborative skills practitioners need to manage suppliers effectively and provide organisations with a team equipped to deliver greater value from best-in-class SRM.”

As partners they are able to offer a “… a world-class and internationally recognised training and certification program in Supplier Relationship Management.” Certification is based on assessment of skills, experience and professional contribution, supported by an examination and (at Expert level) demonstrated leadership and judgement. So at each stage of the programme, points are accrued and go towards the final certification level achieved.

The programme is conducted online at the candidate’s own pace, and can be taken individually or in teams, who can take up to 12 months to complete it.

In short the training programme involves:

  • Skills Assessment: identification of personal and/or team development needs against external benchmarks in the key areas of SRM skills and knowledge.
  • Development Plan: a personal report with gap analysis, together with learning and experience recommendations.
  • Learning: a flexible yet structured online programme with student and instructor interactions.
  • Certification: an internationally recognised certification in supplier relationship management at Practitioner, Advanced Practitioner or Expert level.

If you would like more information or would like to register for the programme, you can visit the IACCM/Stat of Flux website.

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